play is a command line utility for playing audio files. You can specify paths to sound files either as command line arguments or through stdin. play should be compatible with all audio file formats supported by Quicktime, but has not been extensively tested in this respect. play is distributed as freeware and can be redistributed as part of your own projects.


Quicktime compatible

Plays all audio file formats compatible with Quicktime. Or should do so.

Redistribute play

It's easy to use play in your own projects. You're free to redistribute play as part of your own programs.

New and improved in version 1.3

  • Added the ability to loop playback.


The most basic use of play is to provide a path to a sound file.

play ~/Music/Winterreise/Gute\ Nacht.mp3

Leveraging Apple's spotlight search technology, this is how you can listen to the first 10 seconds of each Schubert song on your computer:

mdfind "kMDItemComposer == Schubert" | play -vt 10

Supply the -v option to make play print the name of the currently playing file to stdout. For more information on using play, please refer to the included readme file.


1-may-06 1.3


play (35 kB)


OS X 10.2.8 or later



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