Company Profile


Hieper Software has been developing software since 2003, focussing on creating high quality end user applications for use on the Apple Macintosh and the Mac OS X operating system.

The Macintosh has established itself as a robust, elegant, and productive computer system. We strive to achieve the same qualities in our own products by making ease of use and maintainability key considerations.


Hieper Software exclusively develops on the Mac and for the Mac because we are convinced that specialization results in better products. Our range of services is continually broadening, but the following list outlines typical projects.

New Applications

Using the latest technologies, we create feature-rich and future-proof applications.


Ported Applications

Bring your existing Windows™ applications to Mac OS X and enjoy the benefits of a high profile, growing software market.

Rather than perform a 'simple' conversion, we help you achieve zen-like integration with the Macintosh operating system.



Need help creating your own software? Hieper Software can help you get started with programming for Mac OS X or help you with the finishing touches.


Hieper Software is located in The Netherlands and makes software for customers anywhere. If you are interested in working with us, or simply want to learn more, please contact us.